Cupping Therapy + HawkGrips to treat the Lower Back

Adam S. Maurer, DC demonstrates how to combine HawkGrips, cupping, and movement to treat the lower back. In this brief demonstration Adam shows you how to mobilize the soft tissue, and decrease pain.

1️⃣ Adam applies HawkHydro emollient to help instruments glide smoothly over the skin while also softening and protecting.
2️⃣ Adam uses dynamic cupping techniques on a static body part (back) to increase blood flow to the targeted area.
3️⃣ Adam combines IASTM with the dynamic cupping to release fascial restrictions and adhesions, separates and breaks down collagen cross-links, and increase blood flow.
4️⃣ Adam uses static cupping technique on the static body part.
5️⃣ In addition to static cupping, Adam is using movement to facilitate proper mechanics in motion. Adam has the client perform air squats, step ups, and cat cows to increase mobility and decrease pain. Static cupping with a dynamic body part.

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